Book Review – Who Moved My Cheese?

A timeless book that everybody should read, MORE than 1 time!

This is certainly not a new book, but I would say it is a TIMELESS book that everybody needs to read regularly. I’ve heard about this book since along time ago and I think I’ve read it at one point, but then I forgot to read it again.

This book is so thin and in the new edition it was printed using big size letter, so for those who has so little time to read, it won’t take much of your time, believe me. And for those who have plenty of time to read, or just like to learn and love to read, I think you should try to read it several times. Because it is worth it.

I’ve never realized that Mr. Spencer, the Author, is a doctor (Medical Doctor). And now that I’ve known his background, I started to wonder how in the world he’d written it (I know…my grammar is a mess…forgive me). Because you know, most of medical film series I love like ER, House, Chicago Hope, Grey’s Anatomy, are showing superbusyimpossibletodoanythingelses kind of doctor life.

If you think that because of the Author is a doctor then the book will be serious, think again.

This book, and that is why it is so special I guess, is written in a way so light that I believe you can tell it to a child.

Maybe as a bed time story (I haven’t tried it though).

There are four characters in this book: Sniff, Scurry, Haw and Hem.

Each of them is reflecting the type of people you might find in this life (or in a company).

Sniff and Scurry are actually mice. Their brains are designed to simplify things.

Haw and Hem are little people. They look a lot like regular people, but with the size of a mouse. And their brains are complicated, by design.

Four of them are living in a maze, and every day they will go to the same place, Station C to be exact, where the mountains of cheese are there.

Each of them thinks the cheese in Station C will be there forever, and because of it, they will live happy ever after.

So they come every morning and eat their cheese.

But one day, they come to that place and found out: the cheese is GONE!

A question of ….Who moved my cheese??????

…appear in each of their mind.

Dr. Spencer is not trying to provide a game or quiz. He simply described what would be the reaction and action of Sniff, Scurry, Haw and Hem.

If you continue your reading, you will find nothing but THE TRUTH about people.

You will start to see whether you are just like Sniff, Scurry, Haw or Hem when you found out that one day, your cheese has gone.

And the most important thing is you can CHOOSE how to act based on their example.

A truly, simple, deep, wonderful little book to read!

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