Franny and Zooey (Book Review To Be 2)

By J.D. Salinger

I just want to share that I was tempted to buy this special book because it has been promoted by two favorite persons of mine. One is one of my best friends, Nana Adha, who has a hell of incredible English capability and a lovely taste of English literature and other reading materials, the other is Landon Liboiron, a Canadian actor who recommended this book during an interview (I don’t know him personally, just to be clear).

I (am still trying to) read Franny and Zooey everywhere.

This novel written by J.D. Salinger doesn’t not have so many pages compared to Rowling’s Harry Potter.

However until page 109 out of 202, I’m still struggling to get the whole idea.

I get that Franny and Zooey are siblings who have unique thoughts and outspoken. They are nearly genius (or already are) in their artsy personalities in a way that their family, especially their mother could not understand.

However in the page 109 I just get started to see the plot…and it is quite an effort to see that for me because Salinger wrote it with 1955 setting, in which at that time some of the terms perhaps are considered cool, but for me it’s a little bit unfamiliar.

Salinger also wrote the story in almost manuscript or play way. It is full of dialogues with specifics descriptions about the “Actor” actions. Normally I love story that is written in a way I can imagine the scenes…but perhaps I need scenes where I can understand what’s going on, the plot, the whole idea.

It is still interesting and I am still eager to finish this book because J.D. Salinger is a famous Author, and perhaps it is time for me to broaden my reading to this kind of book.

So let’s check it out again when I finished it.


Ps. It took me so many times to edit this “review to be” article…tsk…tsk…

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