Ex. Deleted, Starting Over

I guess deleting a page is easier than writing a lame posting.

Udah lama banget euy kagak nulis nulis. Call it writers block….or whatever those fancy words…yang pasti mungkin emang ini ciri-ciri orang yang baru belajar nulis. You feel passionate about writing…you dream someday you can publish your own books…but you just keep missing the time for reading and not put enough efforts to write.

I guess it is never too late to start over. Or just actually start a new thing. As long as you believe in it.

A friend of mine has decided to try a completely new career. She did it without any fear.  I mean, with the hard economy this year, declining oil price, uncertainty upon presidential election, and definitely more expensive living expense, she put an example how to start your dream now. Even if you need to start it from a small one. And she believe her decision will bring her and her family a better life. A happier one.

So I guess that is what I’m doing now.

Starting over.

Doesn’t work? Keep trying.

Feel cannot bear? Double dare.

(see? I’m babling. Ciri2 otak udah mulai ngehang).






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